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Monday, March 07, 2005

Fuzzy Math

I have been told in the same breath
that I am very good looking, but
I am not physically attractive.

The weight, the car, the house,
and mysterious factors,
and it just doesn't add up.

I didn't realize we were solving an equation.

Perhaps it goes like this:

1 weekend I should have spent with my son, but didn't
+ winding your hose and holding your ladder
+ driving all over Southern California to meet your relatives
+ spending the night
+ putting it out there, which is not in my nature
- not spending the night afterall
- because you wanted to rush home and see a friend who was not even there
- telling me I don't cut the mustard
- I feel like an over YOed YO-YO by now.

= A pointless two days. and for what?

I think I'll give up on the math and stick to my tunes.


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