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Friday, August 14, 2009

Late Night

Late Night
Up late
Look up
I look for all the old familiar things we used to see

Late Night
Too late
You too
If you would stretch those cold peculiar wings they'd set you free

Moons to tides and trees to breathing
Yeast to bread or soap to cleaning
Words to speak and eyes to smiling
Gravity to falling falling down..down...down

Late Night
So late
If so
What if all the lines on all the faces smile at me

Late Night
Not late
We're not
guess we're only trying to fill the spaces now its three

Rain to flowers, light to seeing
sleep to dreams or sweets to eating
Lips to kiss and pounds for losing
Gravity to falling falling down..down..down

Late night
Real late
For real
Dark for light this time, the sun can't sleep another moment.


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