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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The Mine Field on University and 30th

I ordered a chicken tamale and a glass of water.
Simple enough.
Presented, already opened, with a garnish of letuce and diced tomato.
That homemade enchilada sauce that they probably sell at the market next door.
A basket of complimentary deep-fried chips.

No strained silence, a good volley.
Yes on Translation, yes on Neighborhoods,
A waffle on Vegas, Yes on Jane,
But with different takes.
Catering and musicianship, not a bad skill set.
Straight in the eyes. Always good.

Anxious to go.
Less than an hour.
Good volley, or nervous patter?
Is overly discriminating with movies (much like BTW)
A little too much "Ex-Talk".
An unfinished tostada (plaintively fried)

Again, I wade into the mine field, with only my faith that there is a safe path, heading for a mark on the farther horizon that may only be imagined:


Just keep walking.


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