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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Side Effects

The plaster cast of my brain will reveal the distortions to which I have succumbed in the face of seemingly overwhelming eventualities not coincidences that have conspired to surround my beleagured ego ergo the shattering implosion of my not so delicate sensibilities made more fragile and brittle by the hardening effect of constant pressure compressing the nerves that cause the tell tale twitch indicating the time has come for medical intervention in the form of doses of calming liquid or pills or patches that coat disintigrate or cover the imperfections that lead to cracks that lead to total condemnation of the structure in the face of the impending landslide undermining the basis for what is real about feelings thoughts love and other immaterial things which are nonetheless just as real as bricks and bombs constantly at odds with eachother over the stasis of structure and the freedom of chaos each dangling a promise which it cannot deliver to an address no longer valid where the mailbox waits empty for the memory of its usefulness which is not the same as functionality because it has retained the one while the other has long since ceased to be exept in the molded rippling edges of its memory preserved in a plaster cast


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