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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Not the Same

I thought I'd try remembering
How I loved you
Loosing you was ashame
And wouldn't it be fun

With a bit of tinkering
I'd suspend you
In a liquid frame
So I'd begun

The rush of cheating
Death trancsends you
I'm the one to blame
I thought I'd won

But we were only stealing
A little time to lend you
Our experiment became
Unsatisfying Reconcilliation

Now its got me thinking
Sweet girlfriend you
Just are not the same
I think our race is run

There's no use trying
I can't mend you
My efforts all in vain
You've come undone

And now you're sitting
I pretend you
Want me again
Drying in the sun

I can't help from crying
I wan't to send you
Where you'll feel no pain
I fear it has begun

The birds are circling
Lifelessness trancends you
I repeat your name
Until it is done

In the future when I'm telling
I'll commend you
People will say it's ashame
You were the strong one


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