Armand Poetry

Welcome to Armand Poetry. The poems (and other words) here are composed for my own thought and amusement. Comment and discussion are welcome. -Amore, Armand-

Monday, May 22, 2006

Summer 2006

I have been playing through these changes
As faithfully as if they were written here on this page
I have been running changes my entire life
in lieu of creativity

But now they have led me here
And I don't know where to go next
No note will work, no gentle cadence
and it does not seem right to continue
nor does it seem right to stop

I have seen this man before
with his saxophone and travelling hat
and I don't wan't to believe
It has come to this

California hates me
ex-wife hates me
ex-friends hate me
school hates me
and so do the fates

At every turn
there are mocking birds
pecking and poking
laughing with delight

Travelling hat-check
oversized shoes-check
No peace for me

Thursday, May 18, 2006


I try to forget
with every wave that crashes sand
but your face
sweeping cool about my feet
is always smiling
sinking under wet swirls of iron
in my mind
hushed sighing water whispers my love

The sea whispers what I may not.