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Friday, January 28, 2005


I didn't know you were back in town.
So I didn't look for you in the room.
I, lining up with all the extra men,
Went through the motions with the newbies,
Down the hall.

I was surprised when you said hello.
Everyone was leaving when you said
Half-jokingly "I saw you cheating on me
With that other woman". I guess i am
not the only one who confuses dancing with love.

You told me all about the things you did
Not accomplish on your month off. How
Work is stressful. Your voice is soft and
Cheerful, but your eyes are not, and I can't
Tell if you are upset with me, or just upset.

Next time, hopefully, we will dance.


  • At 10:48 PM, Blogger gordon said…

    nice poem. her lips say no no no but her eyes say yes yes yes. typical.


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