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Thursday, March 31, 2005


And it's not on a monday
I thought they were all born on mondays
Leave it to Yuma to break the pattern
Long before my time

Tonight I have no class
more so than a regular night
We don't get to pick and choose
our heroes and their days

No Barney Kessle Day
No Fred Astaire Day
No Fred Rogers Day
and today I did not buy grapes


  • At 6:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I don't get it.

  • At 9:49 PM, Anonymous Hootie and the Kajagoogoo Hoobastank said…

    "Beulah, peel me a boycott!"

  • At 7:03 AM, Anonymous hootie said…

    (apologies to the paraphrased Mae West)

  • At 11:07 AM, Anonymous Ringo Spork said…

    And worst of all....

    No Hunter S. Thompson day.

    "We can't stop here! This is BAT COUNTRY!!"


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