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Friday, April 08, 2005


I heard you singing
and your voice was sweet and true
the fame is stinging
all the ears are turned on you

Washing line tranny
moonshine and you have your fun
Just one too many
Candy in a current bun

If you could paint it
would you try to paint it green?
your telecaster
missing from the mirrored scene

I drop the needle in the groove
I know the sound is less than perfect
but your golden hair shines
and when I hear your words
I move my lips and wish they were mine
Rejoice in Joyce's lost love
It one he never did find

Your head hit the ground
wouldn't we miss you at all?
without you the sound
stifled by the waters wall

Unforgotten man
and your voice is sweet and true
whisper if you can
all the ears are turned on you


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