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Friday, September 30, 2005

Old Solo

I wish my turntable was working
So I could listen to that Lyle Mays
Solo from San Lorenzo that I love
I can almost hear every note in my head

But there are a few that I have forgotten
It sounded like he was pouring his soul
Into tiny cups to share with the world
But the cups were too small and so

It just spilled out into the world
And somehow found its way
to my ear

That air is not shaking
Those waves are not undulating
Lyle and the crew are nowhere in sight

There is a print of it in my mind
Just like a boot leaves its image in the mud
You can tell which way the walker went

But my memory has no direction
And I fear that Lyle may be lost forever
If I cannot find a diamond needle

For my turntable


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